The Organic Total Body Reboot Review (+What you need to hear) – 2018

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Today, we’ll review ‘The Organic Total Body Reboot‘ by Thomas Delauer. It is a digital book which helps it’s users to maximize their weight loss using simple secrets of dieting and detoxing. But before we get into discussing the pros, cons and secrets of this product, i’ll do as the title promised. I’ll tell you what your friends and family fear telling you, the truth.

What You Need To Hear Before Trying The Organic Health Protocol

Your friends, family and spouse all probably have noticed you are a bit overweight, but they are afraid to tell you it as you need to be told. Being fat is a decision, a choice, now hold on! Don’t get angry at me, I understand that there are situations where sadness causes us to stress eat and I can understand your pain trust me. As a person that used to stress eat, I mean, a whole box of pizza, extra large (ham, pineapples, extra cheese and bacon thank you) I learnt that I could stop. Was it easy? No. But here’s how you do it, here’s how everyone who loses weight do it.

Firstly, you have to take action don’t buy this book if you are going to just throw it down and do nothing, if you buy it YOU MUST TAKE ACTION. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee, so here’s what you do. Try it and see if it works, if it does then you keep at it. It’s

It’s a bit difficult but you must form a habit of eating less, feeling hungry? You probably aren’t, you are most likely just bored. Drink some tea or find a low-calorie snack to stimulate yourself. Now with that said, let’s get to the review.

The Organic Total Body Reboot Summary

Thomas Delauer, author, is a celebrity trainer. He helped his friend’s wife lose weight and in the process found that the root cause of weight gain may be linked to inflammation. Inflammation causes our bodies to not absorb nutrients properly. This triggers the body to store fats which lead to, you guessed it, weight gain and also various diseases.

What You Get When You Purchase The Total Body Reboot?

Firstly, the price is at a very reasonable $19, combine that with the 30-day money back guarantee and there’s virtually no risk. Funny enough, most persons never see results because they fail to ever take action. My suggestion to you, purchase the course, release all doubts and then follow every step, doesn’t work? Utilize your 30 day money back guarantee, or just stay fat, your choice. Your purchase includes..

  • 7-day Diet Plan –  This diet plan is carefully outlined and shows the foods that are beneficial to reducing inflammation and promote weight loss.
  • A Supplements Guide –  Have you ever purchased multivitamins? What if I told you most of them are useless? You’ll receive a thorough guide which teaches you proper supplementation.
  • Videos –  Thomas, the well known trainer has his youtube channel which has well constructed videos so you can expect to receive more high quality video content to help with your weight loss.

Pros & Cons


  • High quality content – There’s no doubt the content you will receive, I mean take a look at his official website, it’s beautiful.
  • Content is backed by scientific facts – Thomas does his research to ensure that the content he promotes is backed by science.
  • 30-Day Money back Guarantee – You have very low risk when you purchase this already low cost product.


  • Product comes only in digital format, there is no paperback content offered.


If you’re serious about losing weight then you must be decisive, Thomas has provided the content in detailed format and the quality is very good. It is worth a try and the ball is in your court, you really just need to take action. Any action, even the bare minimum will help you get to your goal.




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