Picking The Perfect Knife For an Upcoming Chef


Lets Find Out What Creates A Perfect Knife

When purchasing a new knife there are certain factors you must consider. Your precious fingers scream at the thought of a new, dull, soon to be thrown aside and rust knife. However, picking a knife can be a rather relaxing and very rewarding task. Getting that soulmate of a knife will make your heart quiver like high-school puppy love.

If you’ve ever watched a cooking series on the food network, you’ll notice that most chefs chop at what could be considered above the legal speed limit. Doing this requires that you have a very sharp knife. If your knife is too dull you have a much higher chance to cut yourself.

So to find that perfect knife let’s discuss what is important.

What will be the purpose of the Knife?

Firstly, there are several different types of knives and you should probably know them all before you decide to make a purchase. Each knife has specialized application. For instance, you wouldn’t want to have a butter knife trying to slice a loaf of bread. That’s madness, instead opt for a very suitable bread-knife and make light of the work.

Design & Comfort

A knife should NEVER feel uncomfortable in your hand. There are many different ways to hold a knife and if a knife feels like it’s falling apart or downright uncomfortable, put it down. This one time, I had a real shiny knife, I was using it for the wrong application, it was old, it was faulty. I dropped the knife, I witnessed myself, trying to break the fall of this knife with my foot, thankfully, because I’m so bad at soccer I still have 10 toes. 

The handle of the knife should be your main focus here, ensure it’s big but not too big and made with great material. Make sure that the knife’s blade doesn’t look like it will simply slide out or break free from its wooden/plastic handle.


A knife should be sharp. How sharp? Sharp enough to pass the tomato test. The tomato test is slicing horizontally through a tomato without holding the tomato in place. If you’ve ever sliced a tomato with a dull knife before you’ll definitely appreciate a knife which goes through a tomato as if it’s butter.


If you’re looking to purchase a knife, check out this recommended knife!

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