ShapeShifter Yoga Review – The Pros & The Cons(+What You Need To Hear) – 2018

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What is ShapeShifter Yoga by Kristine Fondran?

Shapeshifter yoga is best defined in my opinion as a beginners guide to yoga. Yoga has been a practice administered by various cultures around the world, thought to help the body, soul and mind connect. In today’s world, we’ve used science to prove some of the benefits of yoga such as:

  • Yoga reduces stress – This is done by lowering cortisol which is our stress hormone. An increase in cortisol promotes fatigue and weight gain.
  • Yoga reduces anxiety & depression, Improves heart health depression and cardiovascular health are frequently referenced when speaking about the world’s top killers.
  • Yoga reduces inflammationinflammation has been found to be associated with many cancers and also weight gain.
  • Yoga Improves Flexibility and Balance, as little as 15 – 30 minutes of yoga daily can significantly improve both balance and flexibility.

If you’d like to know more about the scientifically proven benefits of yoga you can checkout healthline.

Shapeshifter yoga was created for a person with a beginner with a busy schedule looking to maximize their performance and lose weight in the process. Yoga is seen as the midpoint of cardio and body building(calisthenics to be specific) as it engages your muscles and the position is held over a period of time. This promotes weight loss and muscle toning, there may be minimal muscle gains as well but the stress exerted in most cases won’t be enough to see you get massive in size.

The different movements which are pretty detailed in the guide, step by step, will improve your breathing, balance and flexibility. This will have a very impacting effect on your day to day life. You may find yourself alleviated from certain pains and things which were a pain to do become pretty easy. Getting out of bed might actually be a fun non-torturous event like in your younger days.

The Pros and Cons of ShapeShifter Yoga

Pros – How will shapeshifter yoga benefit you?

  • Beginners – This is your perfect introductory class to yoga, teaches you a few movements and helps you get your feet wet.
  • Expedite Your Knowledge – Looking for a quick way to get increase yoga knowledge and get up to speed? This is perfect.
  • In-depth material + Charts – What I’d consider the most valuable part of this course, a well put together step by step course to help beginners. This helps you to avoid common injuries that a newcomer may face because of improper techniques.
  • The benefits of Yoga – As we spoke about earlier, yoga has many benefits, some scientifically proven, some placebo but there is definitely benefits to gain.
  • Digital Product – No need to get out of the comfort of your house to attend a class and you can easily fit it into your weekly schedule. No shipping costs/waiting.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – You have up to 60 days to return the product if you don’t like the content received. 100% money back no questions asked, and that’s a pretty good feeling if you ask me.

Cons – What you may not like so much 🙁

  • As stated above, this course is for beginners, if you’re an advanced yogi then there’s not much so learn from this course.
  • Digital product, while this may be a benefit to some, it may be detrimental to others. There’s no hard copy of this product.
  • Some of the video content in the bonus section is a bit old.


After all is said and done, yoga is good for your mind, body and soul. It’ll help in your daily life in more ways than once and improves your overall control of your person. At the low price of $27 there’s really no way to go wrong unless you purchase the course then just do nothing(please don’t). The only way you’ll benefit from this course is if you’re willing to be consistent with your efforts. You can start simple but aim to improve and be consistent. The program also boasts a very strong 60 day return policy, this shows the author is confident in her product and allow you a safety net.

Lastly, my advice to you is take the leap, take action and never stop taking action. The results will come from consistency. Good luck!

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