The Knife You Absolutely Must Have – Its Super SHARP

So let’s talk, the topic; knives.

You want a good knife, one that doesn’t take your fingers for granted. A knife that won’t meet resistance when slicing through a self balancing tomato. Not many knives can do this to be honest.

Most knives sold on the market these days are dull, go ahead and test one of your kitchen knives. Slice a tomato horizontally, without holding or ever touching the tomato with your hands. I bet you can’t.

I’ve spent my life constantly sharpening my dull knives, ruining the edge several times. Especially when I was new to the kitchen. My girlfriend always got upset but hey it’s a learning process right?

So after throwing out several knives, I’m sure you have too.. unless you are a hoarder, which isn’t a bad thing(let it go). You should definitely experience the joy of using a sharp knife, you deserve it.

The other day I encountered what seems to be a MUST HAVE in your kitchen arsenal, they literally did the tomato test. I’ll post a link for you to see it shortly but just give me a minute to explain the pros and cons of this knife.

The Pros of a Ceramic Knife

  • It’s made of not traditional stainless steel but cermaic. Zirconium ceramic. What’s this and how does it benefit you? Well the material is significantly harder than stainless steel. It doesn’t absorb smells and best of all, it doesn’t rust.
  • They are ultra-light. Feather-weight, you will be able to freely handle this knife as if it was a piece of paper having complete control.
  • The greatest and main attribute of these beautiful knives though, are the fact that they are sharp. Super sharp. It’ll slice a tomato horizontally without you having to touch that tomato. That example has been used three times now but you really have to understand how amazing it is to do that. This means you can get ULTRA thin sheet cuts of your favorite vegetables. These knives also stay sharp for quite some time so long as you take care of them.
  • These knives have high heat capacity.
  • These knives typically don’t react with other chemicals.

The Cons of a Ceramic Knife

  • Like any other knife, if you drop it especially on the tip you just might chip or break it. The hardness of these knives also have slight negative impact which is that they don’t flex too much and as such might be a bit more susceptible to breaking or chipping under adverse conditions.
  • It’s a bit harder to sharpen, if you do manage to end up with a dull blade(Slicing walls?) it’ll be harder to sharpen. Ceramic blades aren’t like steel and it would be recommended to take it to a knife shop and have them sharpen it.

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